Automotive ASIC Solutions

Triad has twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing analog and mixed-signal ASIC solutions. 

We solve complex analog signal problems and create robust mixed-signal SoC solutions.

Our patented analog technology delivers meaningful time-to-market advantages.

The flexibility of our approach mitigates risks and helps ensure that our partners get their custom IC solutions to market on-time and on-budget to maximize the robustness and profitability of their end products.

Automotive needs focused custom IC design and manufacturing.

Robust automotive semiconductor supply-chain with multiple foundries and second-source options.

Billions of dollars of customer end-product revenue powered by Triad mixed-signal ASICs.

Triad's Automotive ASIC Development Process

  • Automotive-focused, systematic design and verification flow
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Defect screening
  • Robust validation
  • Strategic foundry, assembly and test partnerships
  • Semiconductor supply-chain partners are IATF 16949 certified
  • More than eight years of automotive semiconductor industry experience
  • Failure analysis and 8D reporting

Automotive ASIC Applications

  • Ultrasonic distance sensors for ADAS applications
  • Ultrasonic park assist
  • In-cabin displays
  • User interface and haptic feedback
  • User interface gesture recognition
  • Coherent LIDAR for ADAS and autonomous driving applications
  • VCSEL illumination to support in-cabin near infrared (NIR) imaging for driver monitoring and occupancy sensing
  • Camera illumination
  • Obstacle detection sensor
  • Vehicle occupant detection sensor
  • Body electronics & lighting
  • Infotainment and instrument cluster