Flying Robotics – bitcraze

Bitcraze creates open platforms that enable people to explore the world of flying robotics. Find out more at

XTAL High Resolution VR Headset – vrgineers

The XTAL High Resolution VR Headset by vrgineers provides an 8K image and true colors via its high-density LED displays and exceptionally clear custom-built lenses. Features: 8K Resolution7680×2160 (3840×2160 per eye)Two 4K high-density LED displays Custom-built opticsExceptionally clear patented non-Fresnel VR lenses Find out more at

Wandelbots – TracePen

Wandelbots TracePen product utilizes SteamVR Tracking to make programming industrial robots easier and faster. The TracePen product is a kit which includes the stylus (equipped with SteamVR Tracking sensors) and two SteamVR Tracking Base Stations. After setting up the Base Stations and calibrating the movement of the robot by attaching the stylus, the user can […]

Varjo – Industrial VR

With human-eye resolution, integrated eye tracking, broad 3D software compatibility and more, Varjo’s products allow professionals in the most demanding industries to see and do thing that have not been possible before, saving time, money and effort along the way. Varjo’s line of industrial VR solutions deliver a resolution of 60 pixels per degree, […]