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IO-Link Solutions News Letter

Triad IO-Link IC Selector Guide

Triad Part #Description
TS8003Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link
TS8006Capacitive Sensor with IO-Link
TS8010Ultrasonic Sensor with IO-Link

IO-Link Growth

0 M
2018 New Nodes

3.3M new IO-Link nodes were brought to market in 2018.

1 M
Overal node count

The total number of IO-Link nodes has grown to 11.4M.

1 %

The IO-Link market is experiencing 40% year-over-year growth.

IO-Link Advantages

Market Trends Driving IO-Link Adoption

The global machine market for factory automation, Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT and edge computing are driving a the need for improved sensor communication in reliable machines that pay for themselves quickly.



IO-Link greatly simplifies installations

  • Simplify complicated parallel wiring a standardized IO-Link cable
  • Replace analog signal with digital IO-Link communication
  • One cable type for all sensors
  • Modular machine concepts are well supported
  • Universal connectors reduces variety of interfaces number of cables saving inventory costs


IO-Link enhances sensor and machine communication

  • Access to operational and performance metrics
  • Remotely access sensors
  • With real-time diagnostics, workers can be alerted in advance that sensors needs cleaning before it fails


Remote, dynamic control of IO-Link sensors

  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Dynamically control device parameters
  • Easily switch between device parameters to speed up product change over
  • Accommodate  a greater variety of products with same equipment


IO-Link simplifies and speeds up sensor replacement

  • Swap out old sensors with new sensors
  • IO-Link will automatically import and configure the sensor with the correct settings
  • Helps to get lines back up quickly


Real-time and historical data from sensors identifies trends and predict failures before problems escalate

  • Anticipate problems before they escalate
  • Calculate equipment effectiveness
  • Identify performance trends
  • Optimize maintenance schedules

Triad Industrial IoT Sensor IC Lineup

Triad Part #Description
TS8003Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link
TS8006Capacitive Sensor with IO-Link
TS8007Universal IO
TS8008Tiny PWM DAC
TS8009 24-Bit Sigma Delta ADC
TS8010Ultrasonic Sensor with IO-Link

Rapidly Create Customized IO-Link ICs

Customizable IO-Link ICs by Triad

Triad's family of IO-Link sensor interface ICs are built on Triad's Fast IC Technology

Standardized Functions

High-Voltage Power Management
Proven IO-Link Slave Controller

Customized AFE

Using Triad's Fast IC technology, the Analog Front End (AFE) can be rapidly customized to support many different sensors and actuators

Triad Semi Fast IC Technology for Customizable IO-Link IC

Fast IC Technology

Triad’s patented Fast IC technology combines rapid analog IC development with optimized production unit pricing.

Fast ICs can get to market 2x – 4x faster than traditional IC development approaches.

Fast ICs are cost optimized and shipping in tens of millions units per year.

Fast ICs allow you to customize Triad’s Standard Product ICs into your optimized solution.

Fast ICs are the fastest and most cost effective way to develop custom analog and mixed-signal ASICs.

Custom IO-Link Solutions

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