Mixed Signal ASIC Solutions

Triad provides a fast, flexible and low-risk approach to the design and manufacture of analog and mixed signal  custom ICs.


Triad Semiconductor ASIC Solutions

Since 2002, we have been providing custom ICs focused on  
solving complex problems across all markets.

And, we are the industry’s fastest and lowest risk solution.



Mitigated Risk

Triad's Analog Platform Advantage

1 %

2x to 4x improvement in ASIC time to market.

1 %
Development Cost

We can help you save up to 50% in development costs.

ASIC Markets Served

We are a trusted design and manufacturing partner in all major electronics markets.

Our focus is on making IC design fast, affordable and flexible.

Many companies design Digital-Only ASICs.

Analog ASICs or Mixed-Signal ASICs that combine Analog and Digital functions are typically more difficult and take longer to develop than Digital-Only ICs.

Triad is out to change that.

Our Analog Platform technology significantly reduces ASIC development time and cost and adds flexibility to the IC development and manufacturing process.

Analog Platform Technology

Triad’s patented Analog Platform Technology brings structure, speed, predictability and reuse to analog and mixed-signal ASIC design.

Analog Platform Tech Overview

Working with Triad


We work with you to define a custom ASIC that optimizes your time to market, production cost and performance needs.


Our team of IC design experts work with you to create a custom IC that meets or exceeds your requirements.


We fabricate and package your IC. After delivering you prototypes, we work with you on the evaluation of your device.


We customize a qualification process for your device that matches your market and certification requirements.


We develop a production test system and launch your ASIC through pilot and higher volume production.

Supply Partner

Triad both assembles and manages a semiconductor supply chain optimized for your design and business needs.

IC Solutions.
In Tiny Spaces.

Emerging Markets and Applications

Fast growing markets with evolving requirements are an excellent fit for Triad’s  Analog Platform solutions. These applications often combine the competing requirements of optimized unit price, high performance, small size and rapid time to market.

Triad’s Analog Platform Technology allows our partners to rapidly prototype in Silicon. 

Emerging applications may reveal the need for system and IC changes late in the development cycle. With traditional ASIC approaches, these changes can mean a half-year project slip. Such delays cannot be tolerated by many fast-paced programs.

Analog Platforms can be changed in weeks

The flexibility and rapid revision capability of Analog Platforms is an optimal risk mitigation strategy. This ASIC design flexibility makes Triad’s Analog Platform solution ideal for project teams that are looking to invent new tiny ICs solving complex problems on a tight development schedule.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Triad has been a valuable development partner in helping create an ASIC implementation of our SteamVR Tracking sensor. Part of our challenge was that we didn't even fully understand all the critical parameters of our system at the time we launched our ASIC development. Triad's Analog Platform architecture allowed them to produce initial prototypes very quickly. They were also able to iterate quickly, changing and optimizing their design to meet our needs even as our system design goals have evolved and changed during development
Design engineer, Valve software corporation

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