Field Applications Engineer (West Coast)

A Triad Field Applications Engineer helps customers take their great ideas to Application Specific Standard Product or ASIC chip solutions. You will serve as the frontline contact for all Triad’s regional technical sales activities and are responsible for reviewing customers’ systems, understanding, and documenting their requirements, proposing silicon integration architectures, coordinating with corporate engineers to develop product proposals, demonstrating the benefits of Triad technology, conveying the value of our solutions, and providing customer technical support.

Excellent Field Applications Engineers at Triad share these qualities:

  • You love seeing block diagrams and discussing new ideas. You are constantly being asked to review circuits and problems that are new to you. You are a lifelong learner, don’t like doing the same thing over and over, and do like the variety of solving new challenges.
  • You like meeting new people – phone conversations, web meetings, and face-to-face.
  • You don’t mind some travel – in fact, you should be excited by the opportunity to spend up to 40% of your time on the road meeting new customers (when permitted).
  • You like people and people like you – you have an outgoing personality and can work well with both engineers and sales people.
  • You can handle deadlines and pressure. You can analyze a customer’s needs, document requirements, and coordinate with corporate contacts to provide a proposed solution in just a few weeks. Sometimes your inputs are needed very quickly and you must respond externally and internally with quality answers.
  • You understand the business side of new product development. You can work well with your sales partners and our corporate engineers, design engineers, and operations teams to review requirements, estimate per unit costs, evaluate project development costs, document business opportunities, and negotiate pricing. You know how to promote the value of Triad’s solutions to customers and contribute to our corporate strategies.
  • You are a real engineer. You do a great job analyzing customers’ systems, understanding their problems, and coming up with integration solutions that map well to Triad’s technology. You are able to go deep on customer technical requirements and communicate them in detail to Triad design engineers. You are willing to develop applications expertise where required, thorough in your documentation, and able to support design engineering’s development of valuable product solutions. You will have high credibility within Triad.
  • Customers will trust Triad because they trust you.

Skills and Experience

  • Analog / Mixed-Signal System-Level design, applications support, or IC development
  • Excellent technical skills and business savvy
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good at answering questions “on-the-fly” in front of customers
  • Able and motivated to travel up to 40% of the time
  • Good presentation skills – PowerPoint, Web Meetings
  • BS in Electrical Engineering
  • Not a new grad – 10 or more years of industry experience

Experience in the following areas:

Analog design, data converters, power management, microcontrollers, system interfaces


US West Coast