Product Architect Engineer

Triad Semiconductor is a fabless manufacturer of analog and mixed signal IC solutions. Founded in 2002, Triad provides full turnkey custom ASIC development and manufacturing supply chain services. Triad’s Agile IC ™ technology enables Triad to rapidly serve customer’s needs. Triad’s technology enables its solutions to be quickly adapted to customer’s ever evolving requirements. Triad is not a design services company. Triad is an adaptable custom ASIC solution provider. 

In addition to custom ASICs, Triad offers standard products targeting broad markets. Triad specializes in Analog Front End SOICs (System On Integrated Circuit) including but not limited to communication and audio applications. 

Triad has more than 50 employees with the majority focused on new product development.

Triad Semiconductor is poised for growth and is looking to hire 6 Analog Design Engineers of various experience from MSEE with minimum experience to 30+ years of IC design experience.

Triad Semiconductor is projecting to grow revenue 50% in 2022. Join Triad Semiconductor as it outperforms the industry.

Job Description:

  • Some combination between a classic product definer and an Application Engineer
  • Interface directly with FAE’s and customer to understand the customer’s requirements and needs.
  • Document customer requirements and facilitate regular customer specification communication and all milestone reviews
  • Architect the system, distribute design effort, and oversee all aspects of the development process from conception to release including definition, design, test, and reliability. 
  • Support the FAE’s to estimate size and effort to allow for accurate quoting.
  • Schedule design effort for the project and execute accordingly.
  • Manage a team of design engineers to implement customer specification
  • Written and verbal communication of requirements and responsibilities in all platforms.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Understanding of basic design components. (NPN, PNP, NMOS, PMOS, resistor, capacitor, inductor)
  • Understanding of system level design and requirements (ADC, DAC, LDO, Charge pump, amplifiers, DC-DC, etc.)
  • Understanding of design tradeoffs.
  • Basic understanding FAB processes and features.
  • BSEE 
  • US Citizen or green card holder

Preferred Experience:

Tools: Cadence, Spectre, AMS, Verilog-A

Circuits: ADC (SAR, Sigma Delta, Pipeline), DAC, Bandgap, Oscillators, Opamps, SOIC, PMIC, Power Management (Buck, Boost, LDO, Charge Pump)

Job Location:

Winston Salem, NC

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary for this position varies by experience. Triad will be competitive with market conditions and experience level. 

Stock Offering: An initial stock offering will accompany every offer. Additional stock offerings occur annually as part of the individual performance review process.

Relocation assistance on a case by case basis

401k with employer match

Health benefits: Triad pays 100% premium with multiple plan offerings through Blue Cross/Blue Shield for the employee. Company subsidizes 50% premiums for dependents.

Vacation: 3 accrued weeks per year Paid Time Off. This is all inclusive for any time off such as sick, vacation, personal, etc. Triad also has 11 paid holidays in a calendar year.Discounts: Additional insurance and travel discounts available through our provider