Software Development Engineer

Ability to contribute with enhancing the various User Interfaces as well as any number of the primary modules. Requires understanding the state of the art algorithms and the various tradeoffs to improve overall performance and quality. Ability to give quick estimates for implementing new features or making bug fixes. Contribute to overall product direction discussions. Applications support and classroom training for early adopters. Creation of test and training examples and documentation for all modules and ability to generate, automate and run QA test suites.


  • BS in CS/EE (or related major) with 5+ yrs experience programming in C/C++ on any complex software program or MS with 2 yrs experience.
  • Experience in GUI programming using Qt.
  • Familiarity with the EDA industry in general and specifically EDA software development is a strong plus.
  • Proven object-oriented software design and architecture skills are also important.
  • Comfortable working in a Linux environment with the ability to perform basic system administration.
  • Some familiarity with basic OpenGL programming is required.
  • Familiarity with Analog Circuit design, Lex/Yacc, TCL/TK, Python, LaTeX, HTML, Version control systems (git or svn), gnu DDD and the Torque queueing system are all pluses.
  • Strong English communication skills required.
  • Some overnight business travel will require ability to travel alone.
  • Full time, regular day business hours.
  • US citizenship or Permanent Residency visa status required.