Radiation-Hardened 64-ch GPIO, 32-ch 10-bit ADC

Triad Semiconductor’s TS4031 is a highly integrated, general purpose IC for space applications. It combines two basic building blocks required for a general-purpose system: measuring analog voltages from the various system sensors and driving-receiving up to 64 digital IO signals. The analog sensing block is comprised of a 32-1 analog mux and a 10-bit Pipeline ADC with two on-chip references (bandgap and DTMOS) and one off-chip reference input. The digital block is comprised of 64 General Purpose IO’s and a SPI Bus for reading and writing registers from the processor. The TS4301 is available in a 144-pin BGA package (13mm x 13mm, 1.0mm pitch). The device operates from +3.0V to +3.6V and 1.62V to 1.98V supply inputs and is specified over a -55C to +125C operating temperature range.

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  • 144-Ball BGA
  • 13mm x 13mm, 1.0mm bump pitch


  • 32-to-1 Analog Multiplexer
  • 10-bit Pipeline ADC
  • Reference/Bias System
  • SPI Interface
  • 64-pin bidirectional GPIO


  • Easy method to add digital control and analog monitoring to a microprocessor.
  • Telemetry and sensor monitoring with high IO-count.

Simplified IC Diagram

Simplified IC Diagram

Technical Data

Operating Voltages

Analog Core & IO Supply 3.0V – 3.6V
Digital IO Supply 3.0V – 3.6V
Digital Core Supply 1.62V to 1.98V


Operating Temperature Range -55C to 125C

Pipeline ADC

Conversion Rate 10MSPS
Resolution 10 bits
ENOB 9.5 bits
SFDR 70dBFS (fin = 310kHz)
DNL +/- 0.5 LSB
INL +/- 0.5 LSB

Environment Specifications

TID (Total Ionizing Dose)
SEU (Single Event Upset)
SEL (Single Event Latchup)
SET (Single Event Transient)

Radiation-Hardened Environmental Specifications available under NDA