Radiation-Hardened 16-Ch Sensor Interface

Triad Semiconductor’s TS4032 is a highly integrated, general purpose IC for space applications. It combines three basic building blocks required for a general-purpose system: measuring analog voltages from the various system sensors, two on-chip 11-bit DAC’s for driving actuators, and driving-receiving up to 8 digital IO signals. The analog sensing block is comprised of a 16-1 analog mux, a 14-bit Sigma Delta ADC, and two on-chip references (bandgap and DTMOS) and one off-chip reference input. The digital block is comprised of 8 General Purpose IO’s, 14-bit Decimation Filter, and a I2C-SPI Bus for reading and writing registers from the processor.

The TS4302 is available in a 144-pin BGA package (11mm x 11mm, 0.4mm pitch). The device operates from +3.0V to +3.6V and 1.62V to 1.98V supply inputs and is specified over a -55oC to +85oC operating temperature range.

  • 144-Ball Plastic BGA
  • 11mm x 11mm
  • 0.4mm ball pitch


  • 16-to-1 Parallel Input Multiplexer
  • Sigma-Delta ADC
  • Reference/Bias Generator
  • Sensor Bias
  • 2x 11-Bit Resistor-String DACs


  • SPI/I2C Slave Interface
  • Register Map
  • 8 General Purpose IO (GPIO)
  • Clock and Scan Control


  • Satellites
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
  • Geosynchronous satellite
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Ruggedized Defense and Aerospace Electronics
  • Sensor Interfacing

Simplified IC Diagram

Simplified IC Diagram

Technical Data

Operating Voltages

Analog Core & IO Supply 3.0V – 3.6V
Digital IO Supply 3.0V – 3.6V
Digital Core Supply 1.62V to 1.98V


Operating Temperature Range -55C to 85C
Storage Temperature Range -57 to 125C

Sigma-Delta ADC

Signal Bandwidth (fs/(2*OSR) 8kHz (max)
Sampling Frequency (fs) 1.024MHz, 2.048MHz, 4.096MHz
SNDR @ 73% full scale 85dB (min), 96dB (max)
Resolution 16-bits


DAC Positive Reference Voltage 3.0V
DAC Negative Reference Voltage (Vss)V
DAC Output Voltage (from VREFN to VREFP-VLSB)
DAC Resolution 11 bits
DAC differential nonlinearity (DNL) +/-0.5 LSB
DAC integral nonlinearity (INL) +/-0.5 LSB
DAC output settling time for 11-bit accuracy 2uS

Analog Mux

Switch Impedance 200kOhms

Sensor Bias

Output Current 1mA to 1000mA

Environment Specifications

TID (Total Ionizing Dose)
SEU (Single Event Upset)
SEL (Single Event Latchup)
SET (Single Event Transient)
DRU (Dose Rate Upset)

Radiation-Hardened Environmental Specifications available under NDA

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Triad Part NumberDescription
TS4030Radiation-Hardened ADC and DAC
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Evaluation Boards

The TS4030/TS4032 Evaluation Board provides access to the 64-channel digital GPIO pins and the 16-channel analog ADC inputs. The board may be controlled via SPI to set and read the GPIO pins and to read data from the pipelined ADC.