Complete Light-to-Digital Sensor with Integrated Photodiode

Triad Semiconductor’s TS4112 enables cost effective deployment of Valve Corporation’s SteamVR™ Tracking System. With an integrated photodiode and no external components required, the TS4112 provides a low-cost, area-efficient solution for a complete IR to digital converter solution. The TS4112 converts infrared light pulses into position-indicating digital envelope signals and includes a digital output data pin that is a representation of the optical carrier waveform applied to the photodiode. The TS4112 includes circuits for photodiode biasing and provides high gain, noise filtering and envelope detection of a pulsed IR light sources. The Envelope output of the TS4112 is a digital signal that tracks the envelope of the amplitude modulated (OOK or ASK) infrared light that is incident on the photodiode. The data output is a digital signal that tracks the modulated light input. The TS4112 is configured by a two-wire bus that shares the E/D pins of the device.


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  • 6mm x 3.5mm x 0.8mm package height
  • Wettable flanks and wide pad pitch to simplify manufacturing
  • Reduced flex stiffener requirements and lower costs


  • Light to Digital Converter with Integrated Infrared Photodiode for SteamVR™️
  • Low power for extended battery operation
  • Deep Sleep Mode
  • Compatible with all versions of SteamVR (Gen 1 & Gen 2 Base stations)
  • Convert infrared light pulses to digital envelope pulses used to provide six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) tracking information


  • SteamVR Tracking for Virtual Reality
  • 6DOF Tracked Head Mounted Displays (HMDs)
  • Robotics
  • Smart Construction
  • Full Body Motion Capture
  • VR Fitness Tracking

SteamVR Tracking

Valve Software Corporation worked with Triad to make SteamVR Tracking for Virtual Reality.

SteamVR Tracking can locate a tracked object to within less than 1mm in a 10-meter x 10-meter x 10-meter tracked space with 6-degree-of-freedom updates provided hundreds of times a second. Triad makes the laser light sensors that make SteamVR Tracking a reality for VR head-mounted displays (HMDs), hand-held controllers, and a growing number of useful tracked objects for gaming, construction and medical apps.

Laser Light Detection

Triad’s Light-to-Digital Converters are ideal opto-electronic sensors for detecting swept and modulated laser light. The TS4112 is a complete swept-laser-light sensor including an on-board photodiode and low-power and high-gain analog-front-end for detecting weak optical signals in noisy ambient lighting conditions. The TS4112’s small size and lack of external components makes it an ideal solution for VR, AR, IoT and wearable tracking applications.

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

Technical Data

Operating Voltage

3.3V Digital Voltage Input
Onboard LDO provides regulated analog voltage

Operating Current

Operating: 2.5mA (typ)
Sleep Mode: 0.5mA (typ)
Deep Sleep: 0.15mA (typ)

Input Pulse Frequency

1.5Mhz to 10MHz

50kHz Rejection

40 dB

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Evaluation Boards

SteamVR Tracking General Purpose HDK Available from Tundra Labs TL448K6D-GP-HDK is a General Purpose Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for prototyping SteamVR Tracked Devices. This flex includes the Tundra Labs TL448K6D-VR System in Package along with all of the necessary off module components. This includes 2.4GHz Antenna for wireless operation RGB LED SteamVR System Button MP2667 […]
The 13-sensor flex contains 13 TS4112 Light-to-Digital Converter ICs. The flex is made to connect to the Shoto HDK SteamVR Tracking rigid board. Note: the 13-sensor flex does not come with the Shoto rigid board (see the Shoto SteamVR Tracking HDK for the complete tracking kit). You can purchase the 13-sensor flex assembly individually to […]
TS4112 4 inch pigtail flex
The TS4112 is mounted on a 4-inch “pigtail” flexible printed circuit (FPC). The flex connector end of the pigtail is a 4 signal edge connector compatible with the original Watchman SteamVR Tracking HDK. The pigtail is also useful for prototyping custom tracking hardware that uses a 4-pin FPC connector.
TS4112 Breakout Board 100-mil headers
Rigid pcb for wireless breadboarding and custom prototyping. The TS4112 is mounted on a PCB with two 2-pin 100-mil-center headers. The top 2-pin header connects power and ground. The bottom 2-pin header connects the Data and Envelope signals.