PINGUS TS8000 40kHz Ultrasonic Transmit and Receive Eval Board

TS8000-Transmit & Receive Eval Board

  • TS8000 40kHz Ultrasonic Receiver
  • Complete 40kHz Transmit and Receive Circuit
  • 40kHz Piezo Ultrasonic Transmitter
  • 40kHz Piezo Ultrasonic Receiver
  • Wideband MEMs Microphone Receiver
  • 100mil center headers for easy prototyping
  • Arduino library for calibration and configuration
PINGUS TS8000 40kHz Ultrasonic Transmit and Receive Eval Board

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TS8000 WLCSP 16 bump 3D package drawing
Triad Semiconductor’s TS8000 is a complete ultrasonic receiver analog front end. Working with an ultrasonic transducer the TS8000 converts ultrasonic sound waves into a digital data representation of the ultrasonic pulses striking the transducer. The TS8000 provides digitally configurable noise filtering, gain amplification, and carrier data slicing of the weak ultrasonic input signals. The TS8000 […]
Triad Semiconductor’s TS8000-CM combines Triad’s TS8000 Ultrasonic Receiver IC with an ultrasonic transducer and supporting discrete components onto a PCB module with castellated pads. The TS8000-CM supports 40kHz Piezo Transducers and MEMs microphones. The module has a 4-pin flex cable connector that connects DVDD, Ground, Clock and Data to the module. The module comes populated […]