Powering Innovation: Triad Semiconductor Launches Advanced Design Center in Pocatello, Idaho

by | Apr 25, 2024

Pocatello, Idaho, April 25, 2024 – Triad Semiconductor, Inc., a pioneer in analog mixed-signal integrated circuit designs, has announced the opening of its new design center located in the heart of Pocatello, Idaho. Nestled within The Sterling Building at 353 North Fourth Avenue, the facility began operations in early April, marking a significant stride in Triad’s ongoing pursuit of growth and cutting-edge innovation in the field of analog and mixed-signal engineering.

Rodney Anderton, the Director of Design Engineering for the Pocatello Design Center states, “While the rich history of Pocatello in Southeast Idaho is widely recognized for its potato processing industry, many do not know that the semiconductor industry has also been thriving in this region for over 50 years. It is from this long-standing hub of expertise that the core of our new design engineering team originates. Our team is comprised of seasoned analog and mixed-signal experts collectively bringing over 160 years of industry experience.”

Triad Semiconductor has strategically seized the opportunity that came with recent changes in the US semiconductor industry, particularly around Pocatello, Idaho. “This fortunate transition has allowed us to establish a new design center operated by an elite group of analog and mixed-signal design engineers, strengthening our technical breadth and service offerings,” remarked Lynn Hayden, CEO of Triad Semiconductor. “With many semiconductor companies moving away from analog and mixed-signal technologies, Triad stands poised to not only fill the widening gaps left in this niche market, but to emerge as a leader, adept and ready to tackle underserved projects and applications.”

The strategic positioning of the Pocatello Design Center allows Triad to attract top talent in the area. “The response from the engineering community has been overwhelming, with numerous inquiries about joining our team,” Anderton added.

The new design center will not only cater to Triad Semiconductor’s existing markets but is also strategically positioned to serve a wide array of industries as opportunities arise. Kevin Kramer, VP of Engineering, emphasized, “Our Pocatello team embodies the core of our analog and mixed-signal expertise and reflects the agility of Triad to cater to a dynamic market with fewer players than before.”

Triad Semiconductor’s entrance into the Pocatello area demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering technical prowess and contributing positively to the community’s economic landscape. “We are thrilled to bring such high-level technical talent to the historic and vibrant city of Pocatello,” Kramer mentioned while discussing the future of the new center. “The team’s deep experience and commitment align with Triad’s mission to deliver outstanding results for our clients.”

As the design center continues to develop, Triad looks forward to expanding its local presence and fostering long-term relationships within the community. “The company is geared for growth and we’re looking to continually deepen our team’s expertise as we meet the evolving needs of the industry,” said Lynn Hayden.

Triad Semiconductor continues to uphold its reputation for excellence by investing in key areas that promise to drive innovation and excellence in the semiconductor industry.

About Triad Semiconductor

Triad Semiconductor www.triadsemi.com is a leader in developing high-performance custom ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and targeting Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs). We are passionate about creating analog and mixed-signal solutions for the real world. Together with our clients we are addressing major advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Audio, Automotive, Medical, Sensors, Silicon Photonics/Optical Communication, and Triad Micro Devices (TMD) Aerospace & Defense applications. Triad Semiconductor was launched over twenty years ago and has attracted a team of highly skilled and experienced analog mixed-signal engineers from world leading semiconductor companies. These engineers bring their expertise and creativity to develop cutting-edge solutions for analog and mixed-signal applications.

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