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At Triad, excellence is our benchmark as we design, test, and manufacture innovative semiconductor solutions tailored to serve an array of customers and industries. Triad has over 20 years’ experience designing analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ASICs) for a wide range of customers and industry leaders. We are dedicated to customer confidentiality and discretion is at the core of our partnerships. This commitment preserves the secrets of numerous groundbreaking products that are integral to technological progress but must remain behind the scenes.

However, we are leveraging this expertise and our intellectual property libraries to develop our own ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products) in target markets where we have identified high growth opportunities. We sincerely appreciate your patience and encourage you to visit our website regularly for the latest updates as we diligently work through the process of defining, designing, and developing our innovative ASSP solutions.

We can’t wait to share the complete details of our product lineup, features, and datasheets with you! In the meantime, our blog will shine a spotlight on the important issues and trends in the industries we’re targeting with our first batch of ASSP solutions. Stay tuned for these exciting insights and updates as we gear up for each big reveal.


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