Triad Micro Devices Takes Flight: Triad Semiconductor Announces
‘Pure-Play’ Division for Aerospace and Defense Excellence

Triad Micro Devices (TMD) to provide dedicated focus on rapid development of SWaP-optimized, analog and mixed-signal ICs

Analog and Mixed-Signal Solutions for sight, sound and feel innovations in the REAL world. Triad Semiconductor is a leader in developing high-performance custom ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and targeting Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs).

Triad's Team: Experts from Leading Semiconductor Companies

Our Markets Include

Glowing chip showing analog

Analog and Mixed-Signal Custom ICs (ASICs)

Woman wearing VR headset

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Man wearing headphones


Man using VR to imagine car


Medical analysis


Sensors in large warehouse


Array of fiber cables

Silicon Photonics / Optical Communication

Aerospace & Defense

Experienced IC Design Team

With over 2 billion production devices shipped, our engineering team has the experience needed to tackle any custom IC design challenge.

Average years experience for each of our IC design engineers

Combined years of IC design experience

Semiconductor patents granted & more pending

Custom IC products designed & in production