Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link

Industry 4.0 factory automation solution

SteamVR™️ Tracking Sensor IC

Complete Sensor-on-a-Chip with integrated photodiode

Ultra high-fidelity and low power audio amplifier

THX AAA Audio Technology in a headphone amplifier

TS8001 - Ultra high-fidelity and low power audio amplifier
TS8001 - Ultra high-fidelity and low power audio amplifier
Radiation-Hardened 32-Ch
Data Acquisition IC
TS8001 - Ultra high-fidelity and low power audio amplifier
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Analog & Mixed-Signal IC Solutions

Triad Semiconductor, is a fabless semiconductor company. We focus on the design and manufacture of analog & mixed-signal integrated circuits. We offer both standardized IC and custom IC solutions.

Standard products

Our rapidly growing IC standard product catalog includes solutions for Virtual Reality, Consumer, Industrial, Medical and Aerospace applications.

custom ics

We have been delivering high-performance analog and mixed-signal ASIC solutions for mission-critical applications since 2005 for demanding applications and markets.

fast ic technology

Both our standard products and custom ICs take advantage of Triad’s Fast IC technology that improves time to market by 2x-4x and reduces development costs by up to 50%.

Solutions by Market

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

We are a leading provider of tracking solutions that make VR/AR compelling experiences.

Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT

Tiny, low-power, mixed-signal ICs connecting sensors to the cloud and Edge Computing.


Radiation-Hardened Standard Products and Custom ASICs for Aerospace Applications


In partnership with THX, we are delivering the world's highest fidelity headphone amplifier ICs.

and Wearables

High-voltage boost and H-bridge solutions for TENS, and electro-muscular stimulation

and Datacenters

We help the photonics industry by combining hundreds of data converters into tiny spaces.

We design and manufacture custom ICs

2x-4x faster and with 50% better TCO

About Triad Semi

We are passionate about creating analog and mixed-signal IC solutions for a connected world. We are seeing an explosion in the need for tiny, high-performance ICs in IoT, AR/VR, and Industry 4.0 applications

We seek out high-performance, complex problems in emerging markets and applications in need of integration.

Our approach to IC design and manufacturing is 2x-4x faster than traditional approaches and saves up to 50% on total cost of ownership.

Change the future of IC creation, today.

Join the triad semiconductor ic design team