Triad Semiconductor is a leader in developing high-performance custom ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and targeting Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) for various industries, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Audio, Automotive, Medical, Sensors, Silicon Photonics / Optical Communication, and Triad Micro Devices (TMD) Aerospace and Defense applications.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Triad solutions deliver immersive experiences that transcend real and virtual worlds.

VR/AR Applications

Tracking Solutions in General

  • SteamVR tracking
  • Object tracking (head mounted display, controllers)
  • Trackers that can be placed on non-traditional VR object to turn them into tracked objects
  • Eye tracking
  • Hand tracking
  • Face tracking

VR/AR Product Areas

  • SteamVR tracking ICs – TS4631
  • VCSEL drivers for hand tracking
  • Laser light receivers for eye tracking
  • VCSEL drivers for eye tracking
  • VCSEL drivers for room depth mapping


Triad audio solutions bring studio-quality sound to all the moments of your life.

Sound so real it is like being there.

Audio Applications

  • Audio interface
  • MEMs speakers

Audio Product Areas

  • TS5510 stereo microphone / line interface
  • MEMs speaker driver


Powering a safer, more enjoyable driving experience.

Automotive Applications

  • In-cabin comfort, anti-fatigue and well-being
  • In-cabin monitoring

Automotive Product Areas

  • Shape memory alloy valve drivers
  • VCSEL drivers for in-cabin illumination for distracted driver monitoring and occupancy sensing
  • VCSEL drivers for LIDAR depth sensing and mapping


Enhancing healthcare outcomes with cutting-edge technology.

Medical Applications

  • Pain management and electrotherapy devices, such as TENS and electro-muscular stimulation systems
  • Advanced surgical tools and equipment for minimally invasive procedures
  • Smart surgical inventory management systems for enhanced efficiency and patient safety
  • Continuous glucose monitoring devices for improved diabetes management
  • Wearable health monitors and fitness trackers for proactive wellness

Medical Product Areas

  • High-voltage boost and H-bridge solutions for TENS and electro-muscular stimulation
  • Precision analog front-end ICs for sensor signal conditioning in diagnostic devices
  • Power management ICs for energy-efficient medical devices and wearables
  • High-speed data converters for accurate signal processing in critical healthcare applications


Empowering smart solutions with advanced sensor technology.

Triad’s sensor ICs are the bridge between real-world and exciting emerging applications, enabling intelligent, connected systems that revolutionize industries and enhance everyday experiences.

Sensor Applications

  • Environmental monitoring systems for air quality, temperature, humidity, and pollution
  • Industrial automation and control for process optimization and safety
  • Smart buildings and cities with advanced energy management, security, and comfort features
  • Healthcare wearables and devices for proactive wellness and patient monitoring

Sensor Product Areas

  • Sensor interface ICs for seamless communication and data transmission
  • Analog front-end ICs for accurate sensor signal conditioning and processing
  • Power management ICs for energy-efficient sensor systems and devices
  • High-speed data converters for precise sensor data processing and analysis

Silicon Photonics / Optical Communication

Empowering Terabit-speed, energy-efficient data transmission.

Triad’s innovative Silicon Photonics solutions propel the future of high-speed, energy-efficient data transmission, revolutionizing connectivity in our real world.

Silicon Photonics / Optical Communication Applications

Triad delivers analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the real-world management of the world’s most advanced silicon photonics solutions. Triad ICs are companion devices for deep-submicron optical communications ICs. Triad devices pack dozens of analog sensing, control, temperature monitoring, and heating control into miniature devices that enable the power efficiency and space optimization required to bring terabit communication to hyperscale data centers and AI-driven high-performance compute (HPC) infrastructure.

Aerospace & Defense

Mixed-Signal Integrated Solutions for Demanding Aerospace and Defense Applications

Triad Micro Devices, a division of Triad Semiconductor, is a fabless manufacturer dedicated to creating analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for the aerospace and defense industry.

Analog and Mixed-Signal Custom ICs (ASICs)

Tailored solutions for unique challenges and applications.

Custom ASIC Applications

  • Industrial automation and control systems
  • Medical devices and healthcare equipment
  • Aerospace, defense, and harsh environment applications
  • Consumer electronics and IoT devices
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Telecommunications and data transmission systems

View our information and download our brochure: “Analog and Mixed-Signal Custom ICs”.

Custom ASIC Development Process

  • Collaborative customer engagement to define and refine requirements
  • Expert design and simulation using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies
  • Rigorous verification, testing, and validation to ensure optimal performance and reliability
  • Streamlined manufacturing, assembly, and packaging to minimize costs and time-to-market
  • Robust complete semiconductor supply chain management