1st Generation Light to Digital Converter (Envelope Only)

Triad Semiconductor’s TS3633 enables cost effective deployment of Valve Corporation’s SteamVR™ Tracking System. The TS3633 is an integrated Light to Digital Converter. Working with a photodiode, the TS3633 converts infrared light pulses into position indicating digital envelope signals.

The TS3633 takes care of photodiode biasing and provides high gain, noise filtering and envelope detection of pulsed IR light sources. The ENVELOPE output of the TS3633 is a digital signal that tracks the envelope of the amplitude modulated (OOK or ASK) infrared light that is incident on the photodiode. The TS3633’s dynamic standby mode can greatly extend battery life of wireless tracked objects.

A SteamVR-compatible tracked object contains multiple TS3633 ICs plus photodiode sites distributed across the surface of each tracked object. Downstream electronics and software analyze the envelope pulse timing from each site to compute the position and orientation of a tracked object to within less than 1mm in a tracked volume spanning several meters using triangulation and tracking algorithms.


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  • Light to Digital Converter Integrated Circuit for Valve SteamVR™ Tracking Convert infrared light pulses to digital pulses used to track position in – SteamVR™ Tracking applications
  • 1MHz to 5MHz optical carrier frequencies
  • 50Hz/60Hz ambient noise rejection
  • Standby-mode for low power operation
  • AVDD: 3.3V
  • Small Package Size simplifies industrial design of tracked objects
    • 3×3 Chip Scale Package
    • 1.61mm x 1.61mm


  • SteamVR™ Compatible Object Tracking
  • Room-scale Virtual Reality Tracking
  • Virtual Reality Controllers with Precision Tracking
  • Tracking of Physical Objects in VR
  • Adding SteamVR™ Tracking to VR Head Mounted Displays
  • Robotics Positioning
  • Volumetric Entertainment Systems
  • Optical Ranging
  • Optical Detection
  • Free-Space Optical Communication
  • Low Complexity, Low Computation Requirement Embedded Tracking Systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor Position Systems

TS3633 Simplified Circuit Diagram

TS3633 Simplified Circuit Diagram