Triad solutions deliver immersive experiences that transcend real and virtual worlds.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

SteamVR Tracking

Sensors and development kits to make Head Mounted Displays, Controllers, and tracked objects for Valve’s SteamVR Tracking Virtual Reality Ecosystem

VR/AR Applications

Tracking Solutions in General

  • SteamVR tracking
  • Object tracking (head mounted display, controllers)
  • Trackers that can be placed on non-traditional VR object to turn them into tracked objects
  • Eye tracking
  • Hand tracking
  • Face tracking

VR/AR Product Areas

  • SteamVR tracking ICs – TS4631
  • VCSEL drivers for hand tracking
  • Laser light receivers for eye tracking
  • VCSEL drivers for eye tracking
  • VCSEL drivers for room depth mapping

The Superior VR Tracking Experience

Developed by Valve Corporation, SteamVR™ Tracking is a complete hardware and software system that lets objects determine, in real time, where they are located within a tracked 3D space. Valve has made SteamVR™ Tracking available to companies without licensing fees.

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